002We are a Montessori Christian School. The Montessori philosophy goes beyond what a typical daycare provides.  We are a school to teach each child where they are developmentally.  We guide each child’s independent thinking, and give him/her many opportunities for experimentation and problem solving. The teachers lead the children in ways that build good self esteem and encourage optimum learning.

In our Toddler room we focus on gross and fine motor, socialization, and independence which creates the foundation for future learning in your child.  Children are introduced to similar Montessori areas as the pre-primary class yet at a developmentally appropriate level.

Our Pre-primary curriculum is designed to help children, three to six years old learn to live together by sharing and cooperating. Older children are encouraged to befriend the younger ones. Conflict resolution exercises are taught and followed.  A full range of Montessori educational materials include practical life sensorial, math, language, geography, science, and art can be found in the environment. The multi age environment fosters social skills.

In both classrooms we weave into the curriculum a Christian emphasis such as Bible lessons, grace, morning prayers, and songs.

In each classroom we implement The Montessori Uninterrupted Work Period (click on the link to learn more).