Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and our responses.  If there is something you would like to know more about please send an e-mail to preschool@fpcconcord.org

Q.  What ages do you accept?

A.  We accept children 2 years old to 5 years old (Kindergarten age)?

Q.  Why do you have one class for children 3-6 years old?

A.  Children learn best in mixed age classes.  The younger children love to watch the older children work, and the older children love to teach the younger children. Also children are all at a different development level and we are skillfully trained to work with the difference in development.  We can direct children to an appropriate work which suits their personal development, which may be different from their friends.

Q.  How can a teacher teach both young and older children at the same time?

A.  Montessori teachers have been trained to observe children and their individual needs.  Our teachers have at least twice the units of education than is required by licensing and we know the development of children.  Just because a child is 3 does not mean they are not ready to learn something a 4 year old is working on. Each child is unique and should be taught what they need at that moment.  We do not force a child to complete something, we invite them.  Because of this children often grow beyond what an ‘age only’ class offers.

Q.  Do you offer partial week programs?

A.  No, our primary class is for 5 days a week.   Our Toddler class is either 5 or 4 days (M-Th).

Q.  I need to save on cost.  Why do you not offer partial week programs?

A.  Children learn best when they are at school daily.  They thrive with order and routine.  Changes day by day can be hard for a young child to adjust to.  We feel strongly about the importance of attendance.  Daily attendance also helps them settle into the classroom easier and to connect socially.  If cost is a hindrance please speak with us about financial aid options.

Q.  I am a stay at home parent and want to spend time with my child, what program do you have to fit my needs?

A.  We offer a morning only program from 8-12.  This four hour program helps children get familiar with attending school consistantly, and gives the ‘mommy/daddy and me’ time you both need in the afternoon.

Q.  Does my child need to be potty trained?

A.  We are able to take children in diapers in our toddler room only. If a 3 year old is not fully potty trained they will be considered part of our toddler room to complete potty training.

Q.  Who is considered Potty Trained?

A.  A child who wears underwear and has the ability to understand when they need to use the bathroom.  Children who are potty trained are able to handle every step of using the toilet by themselves and do not need any assistance.  We understand even potty trained children need occasional reminders and may have minor or infrequent accidents, which they can handle themselves.  We also understand not all potty trained children can make it through a nap without using a diaper, and this is fine with us.