004We welcome children of all races, national origin and religious background.  Enrollment is limited to 48 children and is governed by the terms of the license issued by the California Department of Social Services.  We have two classrooms; our toddler room for children 2-3 years old, and our    pre-primary room for children 3-6 years old which includes a kindergarten class. Our teacher to child ration is a maximum of 1 to 12 as regulated by the state, however we do have a 1 to 5 ratio in the mornings for the toddlers and a 1 to 9 ratio in the mornings for the older children.

We do have open enrollment year round, however we may advise when the best time to start your child.  We do reserve the right to postpone the start of a child until an appropriate time.  

Enrollment Step 1 – Parents meet with the director for an interview and tour of the facilities.

Enrollment Step 2 – Fill out an Application Form and return with a $50.00 application fee per family.  The application fee is not refundable or applicable to the cost of tuition.

Enrollment Step 3 – A registration packet will be mailed within one week of applying and must be completed and returned before the start of school with a deposit equal to one month’s tuition.  This packet contains a contract for care and all required Child Care Licensing forms.

Enrollment during the year – We are able to accept children year round.  Please meet with our director for an application form today!  However there are natural transitions in our school calendar to enroll.  We reserve the right to enroll when it is best for the entire classroom.  

Withdrawal – Children benefit most when the school and the home have a similar philosophy and utilize similar methods of teaching and discipline.  Should the time arise when either the Preschool or the parent feels the child is not benefiting from the program, either the school or the parent may request withdrawal without prejudice with a thirty (30) day written notice.